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Mot and Service* from £99

Mot test

Change Oil and Oil filter (semi - synthetic)
Fluid levels - check and top up anti-freeze,

brake fluid, windscreen wash - steering fluid etc.

Essential checks
Lights - windscreen wipers - battery charge and condition

- Exhaust emissions inc. printed report - exhaust condition.
Brakes - report on all brake efficiencies and pad wear.
Tyre tread and tyre pressures.

Recommended every 12 months or 12000 miles, whichever is sooner.

Replace...Oil filter, S/Synthetic oils*, Spark plugs, Air filter

Fuel filter (diesels)

Cabin and fuel filters (petrol) replaced at cost.

Checks inc.

Strip, check, clean and adjust front and rear brakes - brake efficiency test and report - brake fluid level and condition,

Anti-freeze/coolant level and strength - Windscreen washer level and additive - Steering fluid level and condition - Lights and signals inc aims. Wipers - Battery charge and condition - Exhaust condition and emissions test. Tyre condition and pressures - Steering check - Shock absorber check - Suspension check - Wheel alignment check - Wheel bearings check. Grease terminals, locks and latches. TEST DRIVE.


  Most popular vehicles up to 1298cc.................£109.99

  Most popular between 1300 - 1798cc............... £139.99

  Most popular between 1800 - 2000cc................£149.99

  Most popular diesels up to  1600 cc................. £149.99

  All other vehicles, petrol and diesel, price on request.

01902 634587 / 731181


* interim service up to 1398cc

* Some manufacturers reccomend fully synthetic or long life oils, this may incure an additional cost.